Why Is Halloween Not A Common Holiday?

There are many people around the world who do not celebrate Halloween As part of the other’s events. So, No everyone celebrates it because it’s not a common holiday in their culture.

So, The Question arises is Why Is Halloween Not A Common Holiday?

As we said above, it’s not celebrated by everyone in the world, there are people who do not believe in these types of events like Muslims, Jews, and Christine.

The are other reasons as well, So let them discuss them in detail.

Why Is Halloween Not A Common Holiday

Why Is Halloween Celebrated:

Well, As we can see globally, The Presence of Halloween in media, books, Tv Shows and Films We can Watch in The United States, Everything is easily available online.

The basics it is originated from Pagan Celtics, the main roots around the UK and Ireland and these traditions were brought to the USA through Irish Immigration in the 19th Century.

So, It is now popular everywhere in the US and other countries. It is similar to St Patrick’s Day or Valentine’s day.

Why Is Halloween Not A Common Holiday:

There is no official Holiday for Halloween Event In the USA, Most people think the Holiday season is Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day.

As we do a compare with other countries, It’s a national holiday in Sweden and its only celebrated in some countries.

So, It is people around the world who celebrate it and enjoy this day as a part of other events like valentine’s day etc.

Today’s Halloween keeps up the celebration and continues With Wearing masks and Halloween costumes for Couples, Singles as well as lighting houses.

As in the past, it’s a time for fun.

Why We Celebrate Halloween


So, Weather its a holiday in some countries or not, People are now used to it and they celebrate it at any cost. They don’t really care about its origin and history, They just enjoy it and make their day memorable.



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